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About Us

Gordon wood & Co. is a well established electrical manufacturer’s
agent that has been serving the Tasmanian market since Gordon Wood himself
started the company in 1969 starting with only a few agencies.
In 1976 the business was then purchased by Barry Harding. With wife Helen,
they then spent the next 30 years building a successful Company. To this
day both are still highly respected throughout the industry.
In June of 2006 four employees of Gordon Wood & Co. Purchased the business
from Barry and since this time Gordon Wood & Co. Continues to grow and
remains a leading distributor to the Tasmanian electrical industry.


  • Darren Barr – Manager
  • Eamon Taylor – Sales Manager
  • Jonothan Newell – Industrial Sales Engineer
  • Adrian Bannister – Accounts, warehouse

Customer Base

Gordon Wood & Co. Actively services the following markets in the Tasmanian

  • Electrical Wholesalers
  • OEM / Panel Builders
  • Residential Electricians / Contractors
  • Commercial construction
  • Industrial End Users
  • Engineering Consultants

Our Competitive Edge

Gordon Wood & Co. Has worked hard to gain a competitive edge in Tasmania
and has long maintained a high level of customer service. Gordon Wood &
Co. Offers customers the following benefits:

  • Large range of stock warehoused locally
  • Two full time sales representatives servicing the entire state
  • Experienced internal staff with strong local customer relations
  • Efficient distribution of stock throughout the state

Gordon Wood & Co. Key Positions

Darren Barr – Manager

Darren has extensive experience with Gordon Wood & Co. After starting
in 1996 in charge of warehouse logistic, then internal sales. Now as manager,
Darren is responsible for quoting, invoicing, stock control and customer
relations state wide.

Adrian Bannister – Accounts, Warehouse

Adrian started with Gordon Wood & Co. Back in 2005, starting as warehouse
logistics and since becoming a director of the company now also looks after
our accounts and finances. Adrian is in charge of our distribution of goods
state wide in and out of our warehouse.

Eamon Taylor – Sales Manager

Eamon has a background in the electrical industry and is our Sales Manager
after starting in 2005 as sales representative for the company servicing
the trade users. Eamon now travels the state weekly servicing the electrical
wholesalers and commercial end users.

Jonothan Newell – Industrial Sales Engineer

After spending his time as an electrician since 1987, Jonothan began working
for Gordon Wood & Co. Also in 2005. As our Industrial Sales Engineer,
Jonothan calls regularly on industrial customers, panel builders, electrical
engineers and end users. With many years experience, Jonothan offers customers
a high level of technical support.